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New Merchandise
2017 Men's Indoor Track Banner
Men's Indoor Track & Field 2017 Champions
Price: $28.99
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2017 Men's Outdoor Track Banner
Men's Outdoor Track & Field 2017 Champions
Price: $28.99
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2017 ODAC Swimming Banner
2017 Swim Champions.
Price: $28.99
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Asics Distance Short
Features elastic loops for gel and hydration storage to support long distance runs. White Trident on front right thigh.
Price: $56.99
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Beautiful Blue World (HB)
Sofarende is at war. For twelve-year-old Mathilde, it means food shortages, feuding neighbors, and bombings. Even so, as long as she and her best friend, Megs, are together, they’ll be all right. But the army is recruiting children, and paying families well for their service. If Megs takes the test, Mathilde knows she will pass. Megs hopes the army is the way to save her family. Mathilde fears it might separate them forever. This touching and suspenseful novel is a brilliant re-imagining of war, where even kindness can be a weapon, and children have the power to see what adults cannot.
Price: $16.99
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Blue 84 Vintage Short Sleeve Tee
100% Cotton.
Price: $32.99
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Colonnade Oak PRE-ORDER SPRING 2018
Your very own sapling white oak tree, grown from acorns collected from one of two white oaks on Washington and Lee's historic colonnade. Plant a tree in your lawn that will be a direct descendant of those that have graced the colonnade lawn for more than a century. Each sapling comes with an information card and growth guide as well as a certificate of authenticity.

"Colonnade Oaks" is a student-founded business launched by Washington and Lee students in spring 2017. Support Washington and Lee entrepreneurship and our creative young men and women!

“For me, every Fall term at W&L feels like I’m sitting right at home. As the air begins to cool from the heat of Summer, the trees that dot our campus slowly turn to those natural colors of Fall, forming a brilliant display of light and imagery. The old ash shifts to yellow, the sugar maples glow orange, and the oaks burn a breathless shade of red. Year-to-year, the way this scenery unfolds to our eyes, the way our University’s greenery falls into its natural dormancy, forms the essence of how Colonnade Oaks first began.

As I walked to my Chemistry classes in the early months of September and October, I would stop several times a week to pick up a few fallen acorns that lay on the sidewalks of the Colonnade. During the rest of the cold months of the year, I began to cultivate these seeds into small, healthy oak saplings indoors. I realized the true value of what I had when I explained to a few visiting alumni that the oaks I’ve grown indeed represent a living, breathing, genetically exact organism to those that inhabit the Colonnade of W&L.

It was in this exact moment that I understood how I can share the gift of the Colonnade to the many people who also hold W&L near and dear to their hearts. By cultivating a noble oak from those rooted along the grounds of the Colonnade, I share the ability for people to watch a true form of W&L’s life and soul thrive on the property of their own home. To observe the oak as it cues into the changing seasons and burns a brilliant red, or to relax and bathe under its shade on a hot summer day, the countless and priceless qualities inherent to this special tree are truly intangible. With the help of Colonnade Oaks, we can remember this University in a truly unique and extraordinary way throughout the rest of our lives.”
Dashiell Dericks ‘18

Additional shipping of $20.00 for each tree. Some locations may require Next or Second Day Air to ensure timely delivery.


Price: $55.00
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Columbia Bahama Button Down, Navy
This lightweight, durable nylon shirt dries fast, with mesh-lined cape vents at the back shoulder to keep you cool and built-in UV protection. Buttons at upper arm to convert to a short sleeve; embroidered white trident on front right chest.
Price: $65.00
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Columbia Storm Jacket
100% nylon Omni-Tech™ coated; Waterproof and breathable.
Price: $90.00
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Generals Popcorn
5oz of Blueberry Cheesecake Popcorn.
Price: $4.99
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Geology & Natural History of the Blue Ridge Mountains (PB)
As you travel along the Blue Ridge Parkway, hike the Appalachian Trail, or visit the national and state parks scattered throughout the Blue Ridge Mountains, you will encounter an incredible variety of natural landscapes, microclimates, and fascinating rock formations. Over millions of years the ecosystems thriving here have evolved into some of the world’s most diverse collections of flora and fauna. Full of rich detail and easy to use, this beautifully illustrated full-color guide to the region was written and designed for great accessibility, whether you’re a first-time visitor looking to understand the Parkway’s spectacular views or an experienced geology or nature enthusiast.
Price: $29.95
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George Washington Socks
Men's Sock Size 10-13; 70% Cotton, 27% Nylon, 3% Spandex;
Price: $10.00
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Graduation Card
Celebrate your graduate with a custom W&L commencement card.
Price: $4.99
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Royal and white gumballs.
Price: $9.99
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Law Business Card Holder
Brass business card holder.
Price: $22.99
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League Campus Pocket Tank
Trident on front with Generals on the back. Available in white and navy.
Price: $26.99
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Lee Chapel Brass Ornament
Solid brass and two-dimensional, this lovely rendering of the famous Lee Chapel is laser cut. Includes gift box.
Price: $26.99
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Lee Chapel Note Card
Single card with envelope.
Price: $2.99
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Lexington Tile Print
8x6 tile ready to display on your desk or wall! About the Artist: Washington and Lee mother, Tammy Hinkle, aspires to deceive the human eye with a paintbrush. She developed a profound passion for Trompe l’oeil (French for “Fool the Eye”) at an early age and ultimately launched her own business upon graduation. With more than 30 years of experience, her artwork can be found in various homes and businesses along the east coast. Tammy named this piece “Morning Shadows Over Lexington” based on her personal experiences in Lexington, Virginia. The horse drawn carriage ride was the initial inspiration followed by 1,000 hours of sheer joy behind the paintbrush. "When you take this piece home, I want you to have a nostalgic feeling every time you look at it, as do I"
Price: $45.00
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Luggage Tag
Flexible PVC Material with Business Card/ID Holder on back.
Price: $9.99
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Mouse Pad
Mouse Pad featuring a changing image of campus views.
Price: $9.95
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Nike Lacrosse Tee
Super soft tri-blend heather royal tee.
Price: $34.00
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Nike Ministripe Polo
Grey and white performance polo with navy Trident on front left chest.
Price: $72.00
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Nike Mod Tempo Shorts, Royal
100% Polyester Dri-Fit woven microfiber fabric. Features curving lines and low-rise construction, tapered mesh side inseam and elastic waistband with inside draw cord. Dri-Fit built-in liner and internal key pocket.
Price: $36.00
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