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A Life and Death Decision: A Jury Weighs the Death Penalty
With a life in the balance, a jury convicts a man of murder and now has to decide whether he should be put to death. Twelve people now face a momentous choice. Bringing drama to life, A Life and Death Decision gives unique insight into how a jury deliberates. We feel the passions, anger, and despair as the jurors grapple with legal, moral, and personal dilemmas. The jurors' voices are compelling. From the idealist to the "holdout," the individual stories―of how and why they voted for life or death―drive the narrative. The reader is right there siding with one or another juror in this riveting read. From movies to novels to television, juries fascinate. Focusing on a single case, Sundby sheds light on broader issues, including the roles of race, class, and gender in the justice system. With death penalty cases consistently in the news, this is an important window on how real jurors deliberate about a pressing national issue.
Price: $17.95
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Breaking Out: VMI and the Coming of Women (PB)
On July 26, 1996, the United States Supreme Court nullified the single-sex admissions policy of the Virginia Military Institute, the last all-male military college in America. Capturing the voices of female and male cadets, administrators, faculty, and alumni, Laura Brodie tells the story of the Institute's intense planning for the inclusion of women and the problems and triumphs of the first year of coeducation. Brodie takes us into the meetings where every aspect of life at VMI was analyzed from the per-spective of a woman's presence: housing, clothing, haircuts, dating, and the infamous "Ratline"—the months of physical exertion, minimal sleep, and verbal harassment to which entering cadets are subjected. Throughout the process the administration's aim was to integrate women successfully without making adjustments to VMI's physical standards or giving up its tradition of education under extreme stress. No other military college had done so much to prepare. But would it work? With everyone on the Post, we hold our breath as Brodie takes us through Hell Night, the unrelenting months of the Ratline, the fraternization, hazing, and authority issues that arose, the furtive sexual encounters, the resentments and, for the women, the daily difficulties of maintaining a feminine identity in a predominantly male world. Despite the challenges, we see the women ultimately making a place for themselves. Though new problems continue to arise, Brodie's lively and inspiring account makes it clear that VMI's story is an important and timely one of institutional transformation.
Price: $14.00
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Brightwood: Poems
Written in the gothic tradition of James Dickey's Buckdancer's Choice, R.T. Smith's Brightwood contains 38 poems set in the American South. This intellectual and emotionally powerful collection is an interplay of southern music, religion and culture with nature.
Price: $15.95
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Combat Mime: A Non-Violent Approach to Stage Violence
This book outlines in simple terms and illustrations how to safely create the illusions of unarmed stage violence. This book is intended for actors, directors, or stage managers who are new to stage violence, however experienced fight choreographers may find new techniques as well. This work aims to help prevent injuries related to stage fights.
Price: $15.95
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Common Wealth: Contemporary Poets of Virginia
In Common Wealth Sarah Kennedy and R. T. Smith mine the deep vein of Virginia poetry to present a comprehensive collection of contemporary works that reflects the vibrant community of poets working today. Notable for its ethnic diversity, Common Wealth showcases the work of fifty-three poets—all of whom have a close connection to the Commonwealth—ranging from the virtually unknown to the well established, and representing all regions of the state.
Price: $21.50
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Country of Red Azaleas
From the moment Marija walks into Lara's classroom, freshly moved to Serbia from Sarajevo, Lara is enchanted by her vibrant beauty, confidence, and wild energy--and knows that the two are destined to be lifelong friends. Closer than sisters, the girls share everything, from stolen fruit and Hollywood movies as girls to philosophies and even lovers as young women. But when the Bosnian War pits their homelands against each other in a bloodbath, Lara and Marija are forced to separate for the first time: romantic Lara heads to America with her Hollywood-handsome new husband, and fierce Marija returns to her native Sarajevo to combat the war through journalism behind Bosnian lines.

In America, Lara seeks fulfillment through work and family, but when news from Marija ceases, the uncertainty torments Lara, driving her on a quest to find her friend. As Lara travels through war-torn Serbia and Bosnia, following clues that may yet lead to the flesh-and-blood Marija, she must also wrestle with truths about her own identity.

Told in lush, vivid prose, COUNTRY OF RED AZALEAS is a poignant testament to both the power of friendship and our ability to find meaning and beauty in the face of devastation.

Price: $25.00
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Dos Obras Dramáticas
A collection of two plays, "Exile is my Home" - a sci-fi Immigrant fairytale and "The Virgins of Seville" - an immigrant fantasy, bought together in a bilingual Spanish English edition. Estudio introductorio y traducción de Catalina Iliescu Gheorghiu This new book includes bilingual versions of two of Domnica Radulescu's plays; the awarding winning sci-fi immigrant fairytale 'Exile is my Home', first staged in New York in 2016, together with 'The Virgins of Seville', an immigrant fantasy story. Both texts approach the diasporic experience with freshness and dynamism, but also with a deep reflection on lost and found identities, when one is a woman and at the same time a migrant. Both works address the issue of the transmission of cultural identied that underlie the author's prose. The existential struggle to compensate for exile/migration in the case of the diasporic mother in general and that of the Romanian diasporic mother in particular, is the other axis of this bold and provocative text.
Price: $35.00
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Executing Daniel Bright (PB)
On December 18, 1863, just north of Elizabeth City in rural northeastern North Carolina, a large group of white Union officers and black enlisted troops under the command of Brigadier General Edward Augustus Wild executed a local citizen for his involvement in an irregular resistance to Union army incursions along the coast. Daniel Bright, by conflicting accounts either a Confederate soldier home on leave or a deserter and guerrilla fighter guilty of plundering farms and harassing local Unionists, was hanged inside an unfinished postal building. The initial fall was not mortal, and according to one Union soldier's account, Bright suffered a slow death by "strangulation, his heart not ceasing to beat for twenty minutes." Until now, Civil War scholars considered Bright and the Union incursion that culminated in his gruesome death as only a historical footnote. In Executing Daniel Bright, Barton A. Myers uses these events as a window into the wider experience of local guerrilla conflict in North Carolina's Great Dismal Swamp region and as a representation of a larger pattern of retaliatory executions and murders meant to coerce appropriate political loyalty and military conduct on the Confederate homefront. Race, political loyalties, power, and guerrilla violence all shaped the life of Daniel Bright and the home he died defending, and Myers shows how the interplay of these four dynamics created a world where irregular military activity could thrive.
Price: $18.95
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Poetry. Latino/Latina Studies. Women's Studies. Edited by Nancy Alonso and Katherine Hedeen. Translated by Jeffrey C. Barnett. "These verses and prose poems offer difficult, hermetic verbal snapshots of Cuba—ironic and anguished but not without hope. One of Cuba's leading recent poets, Zurelys López Amaya's FLOCKS/REBAÑOS, constitutes the first full-length translation of one of her works into English. Recognized for its refreshing and unusual style, readers may find the poetic selections in FLOCKS/REBAÑOS to be polemical, on the one hand, and yet serene and detached on the other. In her prose poems, López Amaya finds sufficient space to develop the traditional allegory of the pastor and his flock, an extended metaphor that may lead the reader to consider disturbing questions about modern-day Cuba. As she portrays a society amassed in a pasture hopelessly waiting for an absent shepherd, her poems always lead our eye back to the flock, or rather the Cuban people. In doing so, she puts forth a complex and ambivalent view, one that is an instinctual lament but also one which finds solace in poetry. Despite the work's poignant socio-political insight, López Amaya's poetry is not limited to social thesis. Instead, she offers a rich and complex view of her world, all the while embracing simplicity and pondering aesthetic wonder. Throughout her poems we find a wide array of emotion, including empathy, loneliness, nostalgia, remorse, longing, and love. In short, whether posing disturbing images about her socio- political milieu or celebrating the mundane, FLOCKS/REBAÑOS provides the reader with a gestalt view of the poet's daily life, a vision that on the one hand is inextricably tied to Cuba, while on the other a vision that extends beyond the island to summon the universal."—Jeffrey C. Barnett
Price: $21.00
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Forging a Rewarding Career in the Humanities
As has been abundantly documented in the popular and academic press, the humanities are facing challenging times marked by national debate regarding the importance of the humanities in higher education, program and budget cuts, and an ever-decreasing number of tenure-track jobs. In addition, the humanities face quite literally a quantification of their value as the Academy adopts a more corporate mindset. This volume provides advice to professionals in the humanities on how to forge a useful, compelling, and productive career. The book's 13 chapters address professional approaches to developing and maintaining an active research agenda, fomenting the ideals of the teacher-scholar model, managing the service demands within and outside the college or university, and navigating institutional politics. The collection offers practical and theoretical approaches to higher education, personal anecdotes, intelligent advice, and interviews with colleagues in the humanities. Specific themes addressed include the transition from graduate student to humanities professional, diverging from prescribed paths, the humanities professor as creative writer, moving from secondary to post-secondary education, humanities in an international, market-based context, and participation in governance structures.
Price: $54.00
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Friendship and Politics in Post-Revolutionary France (PB)
In Friendship and Politics in Post-Revolutionary France, Sarah Horowitz brings together the political and cultural history of post-revolutionary France to illuminate how French society responded to and recovered from the upheaval of the French Revolution. The Revolution led to a heightened sense of distrust and divided the nation along ideological lines. In the wake of the Terror, many began to express concerns about the atomization of French society. Friendship, though, was regarded as one bond that could restore trust and cohesion. Friends relied on each other to serve as confidants; men and women described friendship as a site of both pleasure and connection. Because trust and cohesion were necessary to the functioning of post-revolutionary parliamentary life, politicians turned to friends and ideas about friendship to create this solidarity. Relying on detailed analyses of politicians’ social networks, new tools arising from the digital humanities, and examinations of behind-the-scenes political transactions, Horowitz makes clear the connection between politics and emotions in the early nineteenth century, and she reevaluates the role of women in political life by showing the ways in which the personal was the political in the post-revolutionary era.
Price: $65.00
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Gender Shrapnel in the Academic Workplace (PB)
This book employs the image of “shrapnel,” bits of scattered metal that can hit purposeful targets or unwitting bystanders, to narrate the story of workplace power and gender discrimination. The project interweaves stories of gender shrapnel with an examination of national rhetoric surrounding business, education, and law to uncover underlying phenomena that contribute to discourse on privilege and gender in the academic workplace. Using concrete examples that serve as case studies for subsequent discussion of data about women in the workforce, language use and misuse, sexual harassment, silence and shutting up, and hiring, training, promotion, and the glass ceiling, Mayock explores the deeper implications of gender inequity in the workplace.
Price: $100.00
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Geology & Natural History of the Blue Ridge Mountains (PB)
As you travel along the Blue Ridge Parkway, hike the Appalachian Trail, or visit the national and state parks scattered throughout the Blue Ridge Mountains, you will encounter an incredible variety of natural landscapes, microclimates, and fascinating rock formations. Over millions of years the ecosystems thriving here have evolved into some of the world’s most diverse collections of flora and fauna. Full of rich detail and easy to use, this beautifully illustrated full-color guide to the region was written and designed for great accessibility, whether you’re a first-time visitor looking to understand the Parkway’s spectacular views or an experienced geology or nature enthusiast.
Price: $29.95
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Get Down: Stories
Asali Solomon's characters are vivid misfits―a heathen at Jesus camp, a scheming prep-school student, a middle-aged mom pining for her salsa-dancing salad days, a scheming twentysomething virgin, a college stud in love with his weight-lifting partner, a lonely girl in love with a yellow dress. The kids in Get Down are trapped between their own good breeding and their burning desire to join the house party of sex, romance, and bad behavior that seems to be happening on some other block, down some other, more dangerous street. Get Down is, in the words of Edward P. Jones, "touching and sensitively observed . . . from the first word to the last."
Price: $12.00
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Hegel, Nietzsche, and Philosophy: Thinking Freedom (PB)
This study explores the theme of freedom in the philosophy of Hegel and Nietzsche. First, Will Dudley sets Hegel's Philosophy of Right within a larger systematic account and deploys the Logic to interpret it. He demonstrates that freedom involves not only the establishment of certain social and political institutions but also the practice of philosophy itself. Then, he reveals how Nietzsche's discussions of decadence, nobility and tragedy lead to an analysis of freedom that critiques heteronomous choice and Kantian autonomy, and ultimately issues a positive conception of liberation.
Price: $70.00
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Hinduism and Law: An Introduction
Covering the earliest Sanskrit rulebooks through to the codification of 'Hindu law' in modern times, this interdisciplinary volume examines the interactions between Hinduism and the law. The authors present the major transformations to India's legal system in both the colonial and post colonial periods and their relation to recent changes in Hinduism. Thematic studies show how law and Hinduism relate and interact in areas such as ritual, logic, politics, and literature, offering a broad coverage of South Asia's contributions to religion and law at the intersection of society, politics and culture. In doing so, the authors build on previous treatments of Hindu law as a purely text-based tradition, and in the process, provide a fascinating account of an often neglected social and political history.
Price: $39.99
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How to Get a Job on Wall Street (PB)
Filled with sample questions taken from actual interviews, How to Get a Job on Wall Street is like your own personal coach helping you land the job of your dreams. This nuts-and-bolts guide has no gimmicks or tricks. Instead, it shows you how to “wow” interviewers with nothing more than old-fashioned knowledge, confidence, and professionalism.
Price: $18.00
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R. T. Smith's poems and their vision of nature have impressed readers for many years. In this, his latest book of poetry, he has so honed that vision that even the palest of urbanites might appreciate the philosophy his poems espouse. Too, in this collection, Smith tills another theme familiar to his readers: American history. His poetic eulogies for Crockett, Chief Osceola, General Lee, and Geronimo are stunning for the individualized emotions by convey. Maybe, one thinks on reading them, if history were taught this way, just maybe we.... Lastly, in this work Smith pays regards to Ireland, where he has resided for two past summers.
Price: $9.95
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Invisible Hawkeyes
Between the 1930s and 1960s, the University of Iowa sought to assert its modernity, cosmopolitanism, and progressivism through an increased emphasis on the fine and performing arts and athletics. This enhancement coincided with a period when an increasing number of African American students arrived at the university, from both within and outside the state, seeking to take advantage of its relatively liberal racial relations and rising artistic prestige. The presence of accomplished African American students performing in musical concerts, participating in visual art exhibitions, acting on stage, publishing literature, and competing on sports fields forced white students, instructors, and administrators to confront their undeniable intellect and talent. Unlike the work completed in traditional academic units, these students’ contributions to the university community were highly visible and burst beyond the walls of their individual units and primary spheres of experience to reach a much larger audience on campus and in the city and nation beyond the university’s boundaries.

By examining the quieter collisions between Iowa’s polite midwestern progressivism and African American students’ determined ambition, Invisible Hawkeyes focuses attention on both local stories and their national implications. By looking at the University of Iowa and a smaller midwestern college town like Iowa City, this collection reveals how fraught moments of interracial collaboration, meritocratic advancement, and institutional insensitivity deepen our understanding of America’s painful conversion into a diverse republic committed to racial equality.

Price: $20.00
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Lexington Letters (PB)
Hundreds of letters published since 1804 in the Lexington, Virginia, newspaper "News-Gazette". This material was turned into a play, also published in this book.
Price: $24.95
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Lincoln's Sacred Effort (PB)
Lucas Morel examines what the public life of Abraham Lincoln teaches about the role of religion in a self-governing society. Lincoln's understanding of the requirements of republican government led him to accommodate and direct religious sentiment toward responsible self-government. As a successful republic requires a moral or self-controlled people, Lincoln believed, the moral and religious sensibilities of a society should be nurtured.
Price: $34.99
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Monastic Art in Lorenzo Monaco's Florence (HB)
This book examines and explains the appearance, function and uses of painting in one of the day's most important cultural centers. Monks from the Carnaldolese house of Santa Maria degli Angeli had access to some of the most innovative paintings produced in Florence between 1350 and 1425.
Price: $79.99
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Moral and Political Naturalism of Baron Kato Hiroyuki (PB)
This monograph is a philosophical study of the later writings of the leading Social Darwinist of Meiji Japan, Baron Kato Hiroyuki (1836-1916). Although Kato often puts his ideas forward in a high-handed, dogmatic way, he engages the reader in an extensive philosophical argument. Philosophers today would call Kato Hiroyuki a "foundationalist". That is, he believed that it was possible to base morality and politics on knowable, natural principles. Although classical Social Darwinism is now a thing of the past, some thinkers in the West continue to show interest in the allegedly inescapable ontology imposed on the human race by nature or heredity or some combination of the two. Kato's writings are particularly interesting when read in this light.
Price: $15.00
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Not Exactly Rocket Scientists and Other Stories
In these stories of misadventures from small town mid-20th century America, three lifelong buddies celebrate the fragile magic of youth, the enduring miracle of friendship, and the gift of fondly remembered tales told with laughter and tears. The zany, wondrous and sometimes bittersweet journey of their youth rested squarely on the broad shoulders of the Greatest Generation, grown-ups who really did know best, and whose patience and grace allowed their offspring to grow up gently.
Price: $19.95
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