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George Washington’s Leadership Lessons (PB)
George Washington’s Leadership Lessons (PB)

From James Rees, Executive Director of Mount Vernon, comesanenlightening guide to the leadership wisdom of America's firstgreat leader. George Washington was more than just an inspiringbattlefield commander; he was critical to the founding and successof the United States ofAmerica. His leadership, his vision, and hiscourage united a war-torncountry and set the United States on thepath to greatness. Washington's historic contribution to thisnation--his leadership and his character--are as relevant andvaluable today as they have ever been. This book reveals Washington's character, his leadership, hisvision, and most surprising of all, his business skills and acumen.Most people aren't awarethat Washington, while all of the above,was also a successful businessman and visionary entrepreneur. Exhibiting qualities sorely lacking in so many of our political andbusiness leaders today, Washington remained steadfastly honest andethical,following guiding principles that would benefit leadersaround the world. George Washington's Leadership Lessons reveals aman of true character,worthy of emulation not just in the realm ofpolitics and war, but in allleadership positions.

Item: 047008887
Price: $22.95


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