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Merchandise - Product Detail
Lexington Tile Print
Lexington Tile Print thumbnail Lexington Tile Print thumbnail
Lexington Tile Print

8x6 tile ready to display on your desk or wall! About the Artist: Washington and Lee mother, Tammy Hinkle, aspires to deceive the human eye with a paintbrush. She developed a profound passion for Trompe l’oeil (French for “Fool the Eye”) at an early age and ultimately launched her own business upon graduation. With more than 30 years of experience, her artwork can be found in various homes and businesses along the east coast. Tammy named this piece “Morning Shadows Over Lexington” based on her personal experiences in Lexington, Virginia. The horse drawn carriage ride was the initial inspiration followed by 1,000 hours of sheer joy behind the paintbrush. "When you take this piece home, I want you to have a nostalgic feeling every time you look at it, as do I"

Item: 2006748
Price: $45.00


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