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The Red Fish Project
The Red Fish Project

Home can suck the life out of you. And Andrew would know. After graduating from one of those fancy, elite American colleges, he spent the next year and a half thrashing about in a call centre in his hometown in Canada. Then in a moment of impulsive boldness, he moved to South Korea. The average person talking about the expat life won’t shut up about how amazing it is. And that’s a lie. Living in another country can be really hard. And coming back can be even harder. But that’s no reason not to go. Through his own story as well as the narratives of thirteen average-extraordinary expats, Andrew presents the ups and downs of living abroad in an honest, punchy, humourous tone. Living abroad isn’t all sunshine and smiles, but because of the hardships—not in spite of them—it’s an adventure worth pursuing.

Item: 099489730
Price: $15.99


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